A Tribute to The Road Warriors

Road Warriors


The Road Warriors are generally recognized as the greatest tag team in professional wrestling history, known as Hawk and Animal - The Road Warriors or The Legion of Doom. Sometimes simply referred to as LOD and represented by Precious Paul Ellering - Manager. LOD was the most intimidating team to ever walk down the aisle and billed as being from Chicago added to their rough and tough persona.

Hawk and Animal were very innovative for their time by having unique haircuts and popularizing the use of face paint. Along with wearing studded collars or vests and later spiked shoulder pads. By using their massive physiques and power moves they won audiences over. Another part of their mystique, they were impervious to pain. They ended up introducing one of the best tandem maneuvers ever known, The Doomsday Device.

The Road Warriors made their debut in the summer of 1983 and instantly dominated through the summer of 1992. They took a hiatus from each for awhile and reformed in 1996. They stayed a team this time until Hawk's sadly and unfortunate death in 2003.

The Road Warriors wrestled all over the world at one time in some of the most famous territories. Which included Georgia, AWA, All-Japan, Memphis, NWA (Crockett), Portland, Mid-South, Florida, Puerto Rico, Southwest, Canada, WCW and the WWF.

They are the only team to hold the AWA, NWA and WWF World tag team titles.

Hawk - real name Michael Hegstrand was born on 9/12/57. He sadly passed away in his sleep from a heart attack on 10/18/03. He was only 46 yrs old. R.I.P. my friend.

Animal - real name Joseph Laurinaitis was born on 1/26/60. He is still alive today and continues the legacy of The Road Warrior name.

The Road Warriors are not only known for their dominance in the ring, but also their legendary interviews. Introducing such classic lines as:

·        "We snack on danger and dine on death"

·        "You figured it out, yet? Yeah, me and Animal we’re not just your average geeks, down the road are we.

          No, we’re a little different, just a little."

·        "You tell me? Who could beat him or me in a legal manner, unless they had a gun".

·        "You don't like us, we don't care".

·        "That's good for us and very bad for you".

·        and of course, "Oh, what a rush!"

Part of their aura was the entrance music. During their territory wrestling years they utilized the Iron Man song by Black Sabbath. Once they wrestled for the WWF they switched to custom WWF entrance music. Once that music played opponents knew they were in for a beating.

Carnage Unlimited and the Merchants of Destruction were some of The Road Warriors uncommonly known nicknames. They are easily the most popular tag team of the 80's and quite possibly of all time. The Road Warriors were a main event draw wherever they went.

I feel that The Road Warriors were to wrestling like the rock band Kiss was to music. Legends like the Road Warriors were completely different and way ahead of their time.

Many teams that were inspired by The Road Warriors have tried to imitate their look and style. Such as the Blade Runners (even as singles superstars like Sting and The Ultimate Warrior),  Powers of Pain, Master Blasters, World Warriors (Maxx Brothers) and of course Demolition.

But there can only be one true original and that is Hawk and Animal The Road Warriors/The Legion of Doom.